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January 2019

Experience life with a remote jungle tribe while elephants roam freely around you. Interact daily with the Karen tribal people, observing their traditions and lifestyle. Walk with elephants through the jungles, knowing that you will be playing a crucial role in their conservation. This project includes a two-day trip to the elephant sanctuary run by the same foundation.

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Bird Rescue & Banding in the Tropics

March 2019

This trip will be a bird lover’s dream! It offers you a chance to get up close & personal with a variety of bird species while enjoying the lush tropical surroundings and perfect weather of Belize. Volunteers will spend one week at a tropical bird rescue & rehabilitation center (where we will learn how to care for a number of different birds), followed by three days at a beautiful jungle eco-lodge (where we'll participate in bird banding while hiking, canoeing, and relaxing in hammocks).

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September 2019

Come work and safari with Africa’s most spectacular wildlife in the beautiful country of Namibia! Volunteers will spend their first week at a wildlife sanctuary, caring for animals such as cheetahs, leopards, lions, and African wild dogs. The second week will be spent doing carnivore field research in the beautiful deserts & dunes that Namibia is known for. A 4-day safari tour of the wildlife-abundant Etosha National Park and the Skeleton Coast is included.

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